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La Gonave, Haiti

Haiti is not the poorest country in the Caribbean, and Haiti is a beautiful country as well. If you have never travel in Haiti, it is time to take a trip there, and I promise you will not regret it at all. Although Haiti has so many beautiful cities, but I love LaGonave the most because LaGonave is an small island in Haiti where there is love, peace, and beauty. You will be able to see the difference when you see the pictures. 

Gonâve (FrenchÎle de la Gonâve) is an island, which is located to the northwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is one the biggest Hispaniolan satellite islands, situated off the mainland. The island is an arrondissement (La Gonâve Arrondissement) in the Ouèst Department and includes the Communes of Anse-à-Galets and Pointe-à-Raquette.

Welcome to LaGonave, Haiti
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