Questions & Answers


1. What is NG-Galaxy?

NG-Galaxy is a professional social design network where people can talk to their friends-live, video chat, instant messages. We have many features for our members and customers such as games, shop experience, and some other great features.

2. What does NG-Galaxy stands for?

NG-Galaxy stands for New Generation Galaxy. (NGG)

3. How has NG-Galaxy been in service?

NG-Galaxy has been provided valuable services since July 19, 2011. Also, NG-Galaxy created or monitored by two young guys: Ernest Joseph (CEO) & Kerinsky Jean (Co-CEO).

4. Is there a fee to sign up?

To be honest-right now-there is no registration fee; however, fees will come in the future to sign up. Therefore, do not wait to sign up. To begin your registration, click here, please.

5. How can I become a featured member?

Absolutely, You can become featured member. Contact us as soon as possible here. There might be some small fees. This will take at least a day or two to take effect.

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