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"Our Mission is winning!"

We strive to satisfy your needs and your desires by providing you with the most quality Christian music in our database. Remember, we are here to help you every step in your life. We will make sure that we respect your opinions and your dignity for using our network. We created this social network for everyone to come and to learn some great information about our Lord Jesus-Christ. God is awesome to every single one of us; however, we are ignoring his messages from his mesengers on this earth; no matter how many times we have committed a sinful action, He is always willing to forgive us . We must be mindful and willing to do the best we can to avoid our unhonored actions. we have to pray and thank our Lord almighty everyday to help us reach our goals and dreams.

Please, we look forward to hear from you, send us an e-mail for counseling.

NG-Galaxy Teams,

 We would like to thank you for your visit to our website. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, opinions, problem, or any other information about "NG-Galaxy", we would be pleased to take them in appreciation and discuss them with you. You can e-mail them to us on the contact us page on the top of the page or by our professional e-mail E-mail us, and all information are confidential and would be keep secure, except if require by law. Click here to our Board Members.

Be sure before sending your information, Please, reread the information to make sure that you ask the correct information. We started NG-Galaxy since mid 2011, so we really have awesome features. We do have a board of directors; our site is registered. If anyone wants to join, you can simply click here sign up  or contact us for further assistant at the e-mail provided above, or to be a member just click on the register on the top right below the member area on the home page, then complete the form, and go to your e-mail to confirm it. Our team looks forward to see there. We are also PayPal verified; therefore, it can be easier to order our product with no qualms.

We, NG-Galaxy, does not worry about your class, age, sex status, race, color, education, or your family. We know that we all are one family in Christ and belong to the same master. We will make sure that we satisfy all of our members and our fans in one way to another. Our purpose is to make the world know that Jesus is the true Lord who was sent my the Father in Heaven. Believe it or not, there is a hell and a kingdom, which is waiting for each and everyone of us in the long run of our very last day.

Our best regard to all of you, and again thank you for taking your time to read, and Please let the world know the good news as well. God Bless you and your family.

MisionOur mission is to provide valuable services and to get Jesus' words flow throughout the world.

Vision statements; Our Vision is to provide a better way to make the world know about Jesus Christ by providing them with religious music/videos, live show to keep the union familiar and to help the community, to advertise, to grow, and to enlarge the word of God and to prove our Christianity in providing better services in the community.

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